Tale 4

Key Events

Shinku is awakened and gets Jun out of the dream world. Jun wakes up and remembers to wind Shinku up to awaken her.

She criticises Jun’s living conditions, asks him to make her a cup of tea and decides that he’s her temporary servant and this will be her temporary house. Jun then heads out for work.

When he gets back, Shinku explains what’s happening. Kirakisho have captured everyone, Souseiseki and Hinaichigo have retired from the Alice Game, Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Shinku herself are all still trapped in the N-field. This body is only temporary. She also explains that because Jun chose not to wind, this became a world where Rozen Maidens never existed.

The next morning Shinku forces Jun to go shopping to buy a new table, teapot and tablecloth. She meets Saitou there and gives her advice on cloth she needed for a costume for a play where she’s playing a futuristic elevator girl.

Jun finds himself happier than usual. But it seems it may be short-lived as Shinku knows she’s only got a week at most here.


I felt kinda sad when Shinku was all alone in the house, it was like she was really lonely and wanted to talk with someone. I have to say it was some amazing animation, I felt her emotions really came through. But of course, can’t blame Jun for leaving. Your younger self tells you he needs your help to revive some magical moving doll, then it starts commanding you around the house like it owns the place and criticises you for living so poorly when you’ve probably have had no choice. Naturally you’d be a bit irritated and you can’t stop your life for it. So whilst I felt sorry for Shinku I feel no animosity towards Jun for this.

We find out that this is only a temporary body for Shinku. I knew she couldn’t stay here for long seeing as the other Jun’s in a magical battle of life and death elsewhere. But I didn’t think there was a definite date for her return. Thought this Jun could build up a relationship with her, understand the situation better then rush to everyone’s aid.

More time spent with Saitou this episode, it’s almost starting to seem like a dating sim what with him ‘triggering’ all these ‘flags’. But hey, I’m liking it, bringing romance to an anime I already love and doing it when I think it’s needed only adds to my enjoyment. Interesting to find out that she’s playing an elevator girl. My mind instantly went to Elizabeth from Persona, though I don’t think she’ll be as deadly. Things are progressing nicely and again all points to a potential relationship i.e. how she actually values his unique talent.

This was a slow episode, or at least it felt that way after the first three packed ones. However it did slow to a nice pace for us all to digest what’s happened so far and take a moment to relax and get Jun back into his ‘normal’ daily life and settle Shinku into her new abode. It’s nice to see such a change in Jun as soon as Shinku arrives to save his boring and uneventful daily life. And of course, lovely to see Shinku back in action again bringing with her all the doll cuteness I’ve missed. This should only be the calm before the storm though, which should be obvious as they will have to take action soon to save the other Jun, so not rushing into it gives us a nice break.