Tale 5

Key Events

Jun wakes up to get the morning newspaper and finds another edition of the magazine that made Shinku in his letterbox. It’s to make a new doll, but Shinku warns him not to open it.

As Jun’s working, Suigintou makes an appearance at his house. Jun also agrees to advise on the costumes of the others in Saitou’s play group, starting the next day.

Jun returns home to find a mess of petals and feathers courtesy of Shinku and Suigintou respectively. He gets irritated and forces them to behave in his apartment.

A huge flashback starts telling us of the story of Suigintou and Megu and how Kirakisho took away Megu’s soul. Suigintou entered this world whilst in the N-field, searching for something and she needs to get back next time the worlds link. Shinku will need to reunite with the other Jun as well, only 6 days remain for her.


Hmm I feel the story’s stalling, but oddly enough I’m still enjoying it, very rare for this to happen. I dunno, it could be my bias towards one of my top 10 anime, or perhaps the story of Rozen Maiden is best told slow and steady and built up rather than rushed through. Either way, I feel that not much storywise is continuing but there are more and more other things going on such as the relationship that is slowly built between Jun and Saitou and the interesting events of Suigintou making her appearance. Either way, the story may be slow but I suppose there are other things to keep me entertained. Who doesn’t love a cute little grudge fight between dolls who act like little kids having a tantrum.

Just as I was wondering what that weird story Shinku’s telling is about, Jun finds the book associated with it. Oddly enough this takes me back to Clannad when we always had that weird side story of Ushio with a robot in another world who died to save the real Ushio, or something along those lines, can’t remember exactly. I never got what that was about, and I probably won’t get what this story is about either, but perhaps it’s something that’ll save all the dolls in the end? I get the feeling that the story may be written by Rozen and it has some secret meaning that could save all the dolls or stop the Alice game.

Very happy to see my favourite doll again, if you didn’t know that’s Suigintou. And even better to see the full story between Suigintou and Megu. I don’t believe we saw it properly, either that or I’ve completely forgotten it. That said, I don’t think we ever saw the full story of any of the other doll owners anyway. Except for maybe Souseiseki and Suiseiseki, though that was pretty short.

So I’ll take a wild guess and say that Suigintou was searching for Megu’s soul in the N-field, or whatever it was that Kirakisho took, got lost and had to escape so she took the nearest door and oh what luck you wind up in present day of this anime right next to Shinku. Seems planned to me, and the only thing I can think of to plan this is that rabbit, either that or it really is luck and coincidence.

I remember seeing Suigintou in the preview of the previous episode so when that new box of doll making came I thought that she would appear from the box. So that makes me wonder what the box is for. Was there another doll that was ripped apart? I don’t remember so. Is it a gate to the N-field that Kirakisho is planning to drag Jun into if he opens it, like a pandora’s box sorta thing? Perhaps something to extend Shinku’s ‘life’ here and she isn’t aware? Many possibilities and none I can say with certainty so I won’t make any baseless assumptions for now. Need more clues, or at least something that points me in the right direction.

So anyway, another day passes with nothing happening. Shinku only has 6 days left, and within that I’m assuming we’ll see a big change in Jun. Wonder if this one week will actually be enough to change Jun for the better? I hope so, start a relationship, gain some confidence and be more outgoing, that’s all he needs I believe and I think I’ve seen said it before as well.