The Crimson Blade


Because of breaking the exile, Yukimura now has more guards and is not even allowed outside the house.

Nobuyuki acts as Ieyasu’s messenger again, this time to Hideyori. He tells him about Hidetada’s appointment as Shogun and also that Ieyasu wants to meet with Hideyori who doesn’t reply straight away and organises a room for Nobuyuki to stay.

Meanwhile many retainers of the Toyotomi can’t take Ieyasu anymore and look like they’re prepared to go to war.

Kiyomasa and Masanori also aren’t happy with how Ieyasu are treating the Toyotomi. They’re overheard by Takatora who took this as signs of rebellion and picks a fight, but Honda intervenes.

Naomasa goes to see Yukimura and challenges him as he doesn’t believe people like him should be kept alive if Ieyasu is to achieve peace. But Yukimura refuses to take up his spear.

As their talk continues, a sudden flame envelopes the village as Kotaro Fuma appears. Yukimura finally takes his spear again and fends off the attack. He decides now to leave the village to protect it.


Looks like war is soon upon us again as Yukimura takes up his spear once more and Hideyori’s retainers are anything but happy with their treatment from their supposed vassal the Tokugawa. Even looking to potentially spur rebellion from Masanori and Kiyomasa perhaps? I actually don’t remember that being in the games, but perhaps this did happen and it just wasn’t that big of a thing? Though I’d like it to see them fight for what they stand for.

I didn’t think Hideyori was acting particularly high and mighty at all, if anything he seemed weak. Very lackadaisical regarding important affairs and he speaks too softly. It doesn’t feel like he has an aura of authority around him, it just feels like talking to a guy who’s in his own little world, slightly high if anything. I’m not surprised, this is a guy who’s lived in a fairly peaceful place minding his own business without any idea of war, he reminds me of Liu Shan and that isn’t good for the Toyotomi’s survival.

Naomasa made an interesting move driving Yukimura into a corner. If Yukimura decided to fight he’ll win because of Naomasa’s injury. And if Naomasa is killed, Ieyasu is hardly going to let Yukimura go, even if it was Naomasa who started it. I guess he didn’t expect Kotaro Fuma to appear, but that seemed to have worked in his favour, even if it meant his death. Now that Yukimura has taken up arms again it’ll give Ieyasu the reason he wanted to kill him once and for all. Still though, was it too much to ask for Naomasa to fully recover before coming? He surely knew he was walking to his own early grave.

On a random note, why do they always seem to have their big coat things (don’t know what they’re called) on top of their duvets when they sleep? Like Hidetada.