The mightiest warrior in Japan


The Toyotomi’s army, with a numbers disadvantage, focuses the main force in the middle to try and force through the centre. In response, Tokugawa’s army also reinforces the centre and surrounds the Toyotomi army. However, this allows for a flank from Yukimura to go straight for Ieyasu. But Honda stands in his way.

During his battle, Kunoichi is shot down trying to save Yukimura from some gunners, but luckily the bullet was stopped by Mitsunari’s horn that Yukimura gave her last episode. Knowing that he can’t go down here, he strikes Honda with everything he has and breaks his weapon. He moves ahead leaving Honda to take care of Kunoichi.

Only a few hours into the battle and Tokugawa’s number advantage shows. They start picking off Toyotomi’s troops leading to an inevitable defeat. Meanwhile, Yukimura makes a dash straight for Ieyasu’s base, only to meet Nobuyuki.

The battle is lost and everyone can only watch as Hideyori and his castle burn to the ground.

Yukimura and Nobuyuki’s fight ends in a draw as both suffer heavy injuries. But neither finishes the other off as Yukimura turns around to the oncoming Tokugawa troops and charges straight into a line of gunfire.

And that ends the warring states era.


Well, at least they made it as happy an ending as they could have, i.e. no one else died. Yukimura had the obvious death flag so we all knew he’d go just because him dying is symbolic in many ways for the era to move on. But luckily no one else had to die, and I’m definitely glad Kunoichi lived on. The Mitsunari horn save was a bit cheap and predictable, but hey, I’m still glad. Also happy that she didn’t wake up and charge in after Yukimura, that and finally finishing Shigatsu would just leave me in a depressed state for a week.

Still though, the last battle seemed a little chaotic. For an army with a number disadvantage you have to gain advantage elsewhere. Toyotomi’s army sure didn’t, a head on fight is suicide. But I guess with such a flat terrain and no defensive structure, they were quite limited. Yukimura’s flank was the best they could do I guess.

I think Honda has a point, Yukimura tried to live in peace, but at the slightest bit of trouble he was itching to act. I don’t think he could get used to peace, perhaps it was best that he died here fighting to the end for what he believed in.

I had hoped that this may have been the time for Yukimura to mention Kunoichi’s name. Seems not though, his only love interest in the anime/game and he doesn’t even call out to her. Prove me if I’m wrong, but he hasn’t called out to her at all has he? By name that is. She is just Kunoichi, I get that she’s supposed to embody the Sanada Braves, at least I think she is, but still, give her a better name.

I wonder what would’ve happened if Yukimura was to fight Ina and Ieyasu, would Ina be able to kill him? I don’t think she can hold him off at all so the important thing is would he be able to kill her? Though more realistically I think he’d probably just brush her aside and go for Ieyasu.

I’m disappointed that Kotaro never showed himself again. I hoped that he’d do more, I guess not, he couldn’t keep the war going.

The ending was a little predictable, we knew they wouldn’t kill each other, but it’s a shame he had to be shot down. At least it was a less painful death. But I’m not that bothered over the predictability of it seeing as this is a historical anime.

I’m actually not sure what to think of this anime. I think it followed history pretty well, and it wasn’t that loose. I also played the game which I enjoyed and without the game I don’t think I’d get a lot of the things or even have attempted to watch it otherwise. It’s a game anime after all, and I have seen a couple I enjoyed, but this one, was just alright. It wasn’t bad and I liked it enough to watch it to the end. But that’s it. It’s an anime I’ll remember but only for the game, otherwise it would’ve been a passing anime that I’ll forget and never remember. I would give an example, but of course I don’t remember those anime… It was a good ride, but not something I’d recommend unless you enjoyed the game or know of the sengoku era.