Vision Time


Summer is here which means pool time for class E and Koro has built an outdoor swimming pool for his class, whilst they figure out a major weakness for Koro which is that he can’t swim.

Terasaka isn’t happy that his gang of three all seem to be falling for Koro whilst he stays true to his stubbornness in rejecting the monster. This is more apparent later when it’s revealed that he’s actually working and getting paid for from Itona, helping them with a lot of set up so that Itona will have an advantage when he challenges Koro again.

The set up he’s doing involves letting off a can of substance that Koro is ‘allergic’ to so that he’s constantly secreting out mucus. Then Terasaka will send a signal at Koro’s new pool for Itona to attack him.

However it turns out the signal was for detonation of a bomb that destroys the dam stopping the water flow in the pool so that everyone gets washed away. Koro instantly jumps in to try to save everyone. This means that his tentacles is soaking up water, and although his mucus would normally stop the water coming in contact with his skin, he’s out of mucus from before.

Karma hears the commotion and heads over. He gives Terasaka a punch to the face after hearing the details. After everyone’s rescued and Koro’s weakened by the water, Itona attacks. It also turns out that there was a substance put into the pool water that slows down Koro’s tentacles which he has also absorbed.

After the punch from Karma, Terasaka seems to have found some sense and Karma puts together a plan. Terasaka heads down and challenges Itona. Itona hits Terasaka, but because Terasaka’s still wearing the shirt where the can of that substance from earlier hit, so Itona starts secreting mucus. Next, everyone else jumps into the water spraying Itona with the same pool water that weakened Koro forcing him to retreat.


For someone who keeps talking about wanting to find out who’s stronger, Itona’s really making it easy for himself. So having yet again lost, though I guess it’s more losing to the entire class, would mean that Itona doesn’t even come close to Koro’s strength and intellect seeing as he had advantage. At least in a fair fight he can say that he was just a little weaker, and even if he wins with Koro weakened, he can’t be sure he’s stronger, if at all. I don’t understand this wanting to see who’s stronger mentality. If anything, he just wants to beat Koro and isn’t concerned about a contest of strength. Though, hopefully he’s learnt something, that if you can’t get people to like you, then they’ll all be against you.

The first thing about this episode was that it was predictable. For one episode plotlines, I’ll admit it’s difficult to pull off anything elaborate, but having gotten quite used to the series now, it was clear that Koro won’t be hurt and will find a way out. So when the dam exploded, I couldn’t feel any sense of urgency or threat. Although, I feel that that was what the show was going for, this show really isn’t for its seriousness and drama.

I’d actually completely forgot about Terasaka’s rebellious attitude. There was still another student of the original class that isn’t happy with Koro’s reign. Although, I have to say, the entire set up for this school bully becoming nice is very cliché. There wasn’t really much drama or emotion being thrown about either, in fact the only thing I found interesting was how Terasaka made it into a school for the elite with that can’t be bothered attitude.

Other random jokes I loved was the fact that some of the girls still thought Nagisa was a girl. I made that mistake at the start too, especially with that appearance and the female name, so I can’t blame them. And the wafer in the shape of a float was hilarious. At least they haven’t lost any of their wacky sense of humour even if the plot was a little shabby.

I found the comments regarding confidence quite interesting. A lack of confidence shows easily, there’s so much difference between confident and none. When you’re telling someone something, even when you know it’s wrong but you sound confident, people will believe you. But the reverse is true that even if what you’re telling is right and you sound unsure, people won’t believe you.