Following the Sound of your Heart


After surviving the ordeal with Raji, Shirayuki moves to the neighbouring Clarines and starts job hunting. She learns about a test that she can take to become an apprentice herbalist at the castle.

But first, she meets Zen who sneaks out of the castle and goes exploring. She takes a boat to some nearby mountains alone to find herbs but is captured by a guy called Mihaya who wants to sell her.

The next day, Zen is unable to locate Shirayuki at her residence and goes on a search.

Shirayuki waits until MIhaya brings her food to knocks him down and make her getaway. She reaches a dead end and Mihiya catches up but she quickly makes up a paralysing powder and weakens Mihaya. She cllimbs to the first floor and jumps out of a window with Mihaya close behing.

Luckily Zen comes to the rescue and he gets Mihaya arrested after beating him up. Now Shirayuki has decided that this is the city she’ll settle in and she knows what she wants to do.


I think what this episode and last episode is trying to do is set out Shirayuki’s nature and the tone for how this story for her is going to play out. Mainly that she is a strong willed individual and is more than capable of taking care of herself rather than being a helpless damsel in distress who is constantly relying on prince charming. Though as far as shoujos go, either would’ve been fine if I’m honest, but after Yona, I much prefer the stronger individual.

This entire episode was all about how it was her choice to move to a new country to start a new life and her choice on which path she wants to take. And that nothing was going to stand in her way, not a kidnapper or some test. Though I guess being a shoujo, she can’t be too dominant so the help from Zen, which is more like the cherry on top, is necessary but notice that she’d already escaped anyway and he’s just there to mop up the mess.

All of the thinking to get out was from Shirayuki herself and it was an excellent showcase of her resourcefulness. Although I felt it was questionable why she told him what she did to him when she paralysed him, perhaps a case of being too nice? Also, why not just get the keys off him instead of running, did he have enough strength left to resist? It would’ve been over if she got the keys instead of jumping out the window which I’m sure would’ve caused much more damage than a few scratches, but whatever, anime physics.

The romance side of things heated up very slightly this episode. Though again, like I said episode, it’s not overbearing but it’s there and there are more than enough hints. Though from what I see it seems a little one-sided at the moment from Zen as Shirayuki’s way more focused on getting her life back. Like the opening and Shirayuki herself suggests, this show is leaning much more to what she wants to do i.e. a harbalist and the romance will be a side thing most likely.

Also with the appearance of Mihaya, a male also around her age, I wonder if he’ll show up again at some point. Having gone to the trouble of introducing and making Mihaya ‘look good’, in terms of appearance anyway, I don’t think the anime will just let his story end here. Plus he shows up in the opening too. Otherwise some no name randomer would’ve done the trick. So I am very much expecting Mihaya’s return at some point and maybe even then kicking off the romance more so with a love triangle of sorts?

The animation stayed consistently good this episode, even during the drama no corners were cut. But, for the type of anime it is, I don’t think the animation will be particularly be much better or worse. Unless something eye catching appears, I probably won’t be talking about animation again. But don’t get me wrong though, for what it is, it’s delightfully relaxing.

With two episodes down and Shirayuki looking well on her way to going down her own path, I do look forward to see what she can accomplish with that strong will and intellect.