Let Me Hear the Melody of Your Smile


Shirayuki finds Zen and they calm each other down. He then tells her a little more about his brother and how one time he wiped out two ruthless lords in one go and appointed better ones.

Zen tells her about what Raj accidentally said at the party but she doesn’t seem so bothered by it. Although the rumours about her potential relationship with Zen do spread.

Zen has a sparring match with Izana and he tries to convince Izana to think differently of Shirayuki, but he can’t change his mind so easily.

Raj runs into Shirayuki again and she tells him to get better so that he can be a worthy prince for her home country. Izana watches nearby and then comes to ask if she would leave, she of course refuses. And it looks like Izana is starting to show her a little more respect.


After the first part of the episode, I can’t say that the romance is in the background anymore. Quite the opposite as Zen and Shirayuki’s affections towards each other are displayed quite succinctly in their exchange. Although the amount displayed is still in proportion to that Zen’s still the one that wears his heart on his sleeve whilst Shirayuki, although isn’t showing much, shows enough to confirm what we already know, especially with her being the one running to Zen for the first time. Displaying a weak side always helps for a protective guy.

Though the romance doesn’t last too long, I’d feel my eyes roll if it lasted longer at least. This show has shown that it is much more about the romantics. Also, I’m amazed at Shirayuki’s athleticness, don’t think I’ve ever tried climbing a fence much less a tree and even then I think I’d fail…

So I didn’t like Izana after last episode, although I understood where he was coming from. After his backstory being lovingly told by Zen, I still don’t like him, but I understand more where he’s coming from. He cares, but he shows it in not the most pleasant of ways, he’s very calculated. He is also very much aware of the relationships that is going on and whilst he disapproves, by the end of the episode I think he is trying to change his own mind. Although for someone like him it’s probably very difficult.

Zen at least looks like he’s dedicated in this relationship and is willing to fight his brother to convince him that this will work. Although one wonders why he needs his brother’s approval in the first place? Ignoring the fact that Izana is of course the person ‘in charge’ because it doesn’t seem like that is the main reason. It seems to be more out of respect for Izana. I get the feeling that Zen understands why his brother is against this, i.e. the social status and the possible negative publicity/stigma that can come from it, but even if he doesn’t, it would appear that he respects his brother’s decision for being against it as reasonable

Raj says goodbye this episode and helps improve Shirayuki’s image from Izana’s perspective. And also thanks to some encouragement from Shirayuki, perhaps Raj will become a better person? Seems like a lot to ask actually, though it isn’t completely unbelievable. I’ll miss Raj’s comic relief. Convincing Izana will take a long time, in fact I feel that’ll undoubtedly be one of the core elements of the series going forwards.