Shunsuke returns to the past and sets his plan into motion. With only three years before they’re captures by scientists, he quickly makes friends with Kumagami who had already garnered together a small group of power users. He convinces them to help him and gather more ability users.

But unfortunately they’re just children and can’t seem to win. However Shunsuke then sees an advert for a lottery and believes that if they make enough money, no one will be able to touch them. He travels back in time again to raise funds but notices that he starts losing a bit of his sight every time he uses his ability. Even then the researchers seem to always be one step ahead.

Finally though, Shunsuke’s idea to create a school comes about and with his final chance to time leap before he goes completely blind he manages to buy out a school and quarantine ability users. He then wipes out Ayumi and Yu’s memories so that he is able to freely operate and make his moves from behind the scenes. Kumagami carries out Shun’s plans to create similar institutions around Japan and to hide Kumagami’s appearance, he uses his long hair to hide his face.

In present time, Ayumi’s death did not go according to plan and Shun wants to travel back in time to save her. This will be facilitated by Yu’s true ability to steal other people’s abilities by possessing them. He will travel back in time with Shun’s ability and prevent Ayumi’s ability from activating.

He travels back to the time when Ayumi catches her cold and convinces Tomori and the council to help prevent Ayumi’s death. The day before her death, he possesses Ayumi to take away her powers and the next day everyone disguises themselves to enter Ayumi’s school to keep an eye on her.

Unfortunately everyone except Yu get caught and he intervenes just when Ayumi is being threatened and scares off the ‘assailant’. Kumagami comes for him and Yu obediently goes with him and asks to be taken to his brother.


There’s only a couple of episodes left to run for this series and we seem to be on the road to a happy ending. With Ayumi saved and disaster avoided everything looks fine. Which worries me a lot. This is a Jun Maeda production, I don’t believe he can end something on this much of a happy note. The remaining episodes could easily bring in another disaster or another loss. I don’t know what that could come from, maybe using the time travelling ability Yu himself will turn blind, or perhaps a cost of him using his ability to steal others? Either way, if this turns out to be a happy ending with the rest of the episodes being happy slice of life romance time for Yu and Tomori I will be extremely surprised, but also relieved.

Shunsuke turned blind yet he still managed to meet up with everyone and also make himself millions through probably gambling? It seems a little hard to believe, unless he has scores and whatever future knowledge in his head, maybe he does, my memory is horrendous though.

Yu’s ability explains why none of the others he took over joined the student council after Tomori dealt with them, because their abilities are now gone. I’m trying to think back to any point if Yu took over Takajou or Tomori or Yusa but I believe that ever happened. If it did that would throw a huge spanner in the plotline.

Speaking of plot holes though, whilst Shunsuke’s time travel story explains a lot it still doesn’t explain why Yu has memories of a future he’s never experienced. The memory erasing can’t have erased what he didn’t have either so he can’t have suddenly remembered everything as he never had those memories. I thought the explanation would be that Yu had time travelled with Shun which would explain it but he travelled alone so that doesn’t make sense.

Also, doesn’t this mean Tomori’s brother hasn’t recovered? Gonna need to get Sala on him again then, and shame Tomori and Yu’s affection that had built up in that time after Ayumi’s death is now lost. Will be harder to build it with Ayumi as a ‘distraction’. Although that said, she is obviously all for it, so there’s support perhaps from there.

Shunsuke’s time travelling and money making schemes to create the school story wasn’t all that surprising. And after the story, the main thing I’m actually interested in is the fact that Shunsuke’s now blind thanks to his ability. This points to Sala’s mysterious blindness that she didn’t give many details on. It’s quite likely that she also has an ability of some sort coupled with an interesting backstory that’s just waiting to be unraveled.

I’m now hopefully for a happily ever after ending. But I’m not expecting one having been through many of Jun Maeda’s works. Still, now with time travel in the ability set of everyone, there are many possibilities for an end.