Eyes that Protect and Look Forward


Whilst Shirayuki practices etiquette and dance, Obi searches for this Kazuki on Zen’s orders. But he’s unable to find anything and becomes uneasy. So he decides to challenge Zen to a duel and wins it so that he can go with Shirayuki to Tanbarun as her guard.

They set off the next day and arrive at Tabanrun to greet a slightly different Raj, who seem to have something bothering him about this visit.


I think it’s pretty obvious what Raj’s being pushed towards at the moment, this very much completes the set up of this big love circle with Shirayuki being the focal point. Still, it would appear who’s going to be the winner of the maiden’s heart, but that doesn’t stop the others from trying.

Raj is visibly flustered and makes me wonder if he’ll try anything weird because he clearly invited her here with more in mind than a thank you. And Izana may even be hoping for that seeing how encouraging he was on this visit. Still, Obi would be able to get her out, so it’s probably nothing too concerning. Knowing Raj, no matter how much he’s changed, he probably still fears Zen and wouldn’t risk anything.

Speaking of obvious, Obi’s feelings become deadly obvious as well. From the search to the duel, I’m sure Zen must have taken the hint. Makes me wonder why he allowed him to go, sure Obi won the duel, but I don’t think Zen would lose normally. Perhaps the conversation with swords told him something that couldn’t be explained in words. It also shows the trust that he has in Obi, and perhaps he sees that Obi wants Shirayuki to be happy and would do anything to ensure her safety on his own regard.

Which I think was also evidenced when we saw Obi on his hunt for this Kazuki, he’s doing it on his own terms and not using Zen’s name. I think it’s sign that whilst he obeys Zen, he wants to do it of his own accord this time. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s always better if someone wants to do something themselves rather than being forced to do it.

Whilst still more of a set up episode, more stuff happened than last episode and a lot of the relationship progressed, if only slightly. I’m expecting the Raj visit story to kick off properly next episode and then we can finally get an idea of where the story is headed and what Raj has in store.