School festival time


It’s the school festival and class E will compete with class A to see who earns the most. Whilst Asano’s signs a sponsorship deal, class E opens a restaurant using only the freshest ingredients from the mountains.

Many familiar faces visit class E as customers like the school the class helped renovate a couple episodes back and Yuji Norita, the guy who was infatuated with Nagisa during the island trip. And a whole host of other related characters pop by. And speaking of Yuji, Nagisa does reveal to him that he’s a guy.

Although Yuji leaves disappointed by that information, he also leaves an excellent review of the restaurant on his extremely influential blog attracting hundreds of customers the next day.

With the amount of customers, they sell out and close early. Although they will have made less than class A, they’re still happy after a successful day.


Of all the class A vs class E competitions, this one was definitely the most low key, the competition wasn’t particularly emphasised and if anything it seems to be an episode to remind us of all their adventures. Reminds me of those anime episodes where they stop for an episode and retell stories of the last few arcs to remind us of everything that’s happened so far. Though I just wanted it to move on.

That said, it was still entertaining seeing some old enemies enjoying a nice meal. Also Nagisa managed to end his charade with Yuji which I felt was a nice touch and I’m glad we saw what happened with Yuji after the island arc.

Class E ultimately losses, though because of the low key nature of the competition, i.e. more of a ‘in their mind’ thing, if you know what I mean, it didn’t matter so much. Coming in with a respectable score was more than enough to get the school talking and changing everyone’s opinions about the end class.

Still though, that meant there was nothing really interesting to come out of this episode and I am still disappointed. After this many one or two episode short arcs I’m still awaiting the next big assassination attempt seeing as there aren’t many months to go until the end. Also I’m wondering how the end will be for the anime now that the manga has officially ended. I know one thing, I’ll definitely read the manga and finish it for myself if the anime doesn’t completely end the story.

For an episode that wasn’t overly reliant on the comedy and seriousness, it was pleasantly satisfying and a lot of lessons can be learnt from old friends and enemies who came by to enjoy a lovely bowl of noodles. This friendly atmosphere won’t last I’m sure as a foreboding scene from the episode’s end shows that Gakuho is not the least bit happy that class E is undermining his entire educational philosophy.