Final Boss Time


The former and current shinigami go all out, but at half the speed of his opponent, Koro is clearly outmatched and he falls further behind when Yanagisawa orders shinigami to attack the students and Koro jumps in to block the hits.

As Koro takes a beating, Kayano tries to help but is impaled by Shinigami and severely wounded sending Koro into a frenzy of anger unleashing his power. Yanagisawa injects shinigami with a liquid forcing him into full power. But when the two finally clash with all his feelings concentrated together as power, Koro overwhelms shinigami and sends both him and Yanagisawa to their deaths.

During the battle, Koro had gathered up all of Kayano’s blood cells and stored them separately in a sterile membrane. With the skills he’s been practicing for an entire year to ensure another tragedy doesn’t occur, he fixes up Kayano and revives her not leaving a scratch.


Emotions aside, the battle was as many would’ve predicted. Although I had hoped for some more student interaction instead of just Kayano jumping to her death, but I suppose being a battle fought on supersonic speeds, there wasn’t much for the kids to do. Only sneak attacks would work and when you’re completely outmatched in speed and strength, that wasn’t going to happen.

I’m not sure the ‘death’ was even needed, I guess going over the top is a good way to pull out sad emotions and make it more impactful. And whilst the ‘reversing out’ of that death ties well with Koro’s story, it took the edge off.

Also the random insertion of comedy in the middle definitely gave away that Kayano wouldn’t actually die. As much as assclass can go full emotional, it fell back to old tendencies here. I felt it could’ve kept the emotions going without any weird interjections.

It was good to close the book on several plots i.e. Yanagisawa and shinigami, I felt the way that Koro won was a little cheap. The going super saiyan but not losing his mind enough to gather his energy into a big kamehameha was a bit too shounen/cliche, almost like Dragon ball… yeah the references just kept coming.

It was believable that he didn’t actually go into an angry rampage as he knew that Kayano could be saved, I just didn’t like that was the way that they finished the battle was the overpowering of one side. Especially considering shinigami should’ve had the most power. I would’ve preferred it to be more outsmarting shinigami or the class having a hand in it, though I understand it probably wouldn’t have been as impactful and much calmer. I was also disappointed that Karasuma and Irina couldn’t do anything, understandably, but it was still sad to see Karasuma appear just to get slapped out of the way.

As much as I didn’t like the comedy as I felt it interrupted the flow of the episode, it was still quite funny. I especially enjoyed the Koro smiley cells. And also whilst it would’ve been more emotional had Kayano died, I’m glad she didn’t. As they say, all’s well that ends well.