Central Cathedral


Eugeo is certain that this is the Alice he’s been looking for from back when he was younger, but she doesn’t recognise him. Kirito keeps him calm for now as they need to get to Central Cathedral anyway and this is the fastest route.

In the real world, Asuna is introduced to a robot that they’re building as bodies to house the fluctlights they bring to the real world. On the way to breakfast, Asuna walks by two people in lab coats who seem to have an ominous atmosphere about them, but she continues on.

Eugeo and Kirito are both chained up by the arm in a prison cell. Though looking at the chains, Kirito notices that they are Object Control Authority 38 and so can be used as weapons. He links both his chain and Eugeo’s chain together and pulls them against each other breaking both in the process.

After escaping the prison, they find themselves in a flower garden and meets a waiting Integrity Knight on orders from Alice, Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-One.


Right, a very short synopsis can only mean one thing, not much went on in the episode. This probably sounds like childish whining by now as I’ve gone on about it long enough, but I’m still not a fan of the pacing of the series. Then again, I’ve only just realised that Alicization will run for four cours, so maybe that’s why it’s slow as they have a lot of episodes to fill? Regardless, some may enjoy the up and downs of how the series is panning out but I’d prefer a more balanced approach so I’m not as bored every other episode. Though I admit that is harsh, but I will say it does make me look forward to the next episode more, so not completely a bad thing.

We have our first look back to the real world this episode but given the time differences between the two ‘worlds’, which reminds me of Digimon, not much time has passed and so not much has happened. We’re introduced to a potential body for the fluctlights and also potential villains further down the line. At least this time, the villains weren’t over the top. Though I’m much more interested in what Niemon looks like after they mentioned it and never revealed it. I dunno, but there’s something interesting about a silhouette looking human but not the actual thing itself.

Moving on with the episode, everything I want to know is pretty much asked by Kirito, mainly regarding the voice he heard when reviving Eugeo. This particular person is who I imagine to be in the opening theme as well. Meaning that he’s still got a long way up the tower to go to reach her or them or whatever.

But first, they’ll need to get through number 31.