With advance and retreat impossible, Sophie comes up with a new plan.


Two flame haze, Chiara and Saare and some others are meant to be the interception squad, but like most of the Flame Haze on the front line, their squad has lost the will to fight due to Snake’s declaration. So they wait for orders from HQ.

Only a handful of Flame Haze were able to make it out into a nearby forest with Sophie and she decides that since they were able to keep their heads, they must hold off pursuers so they can rescue as many as possible who have lost the will to fight. And finally, Centerhill takes action.

Haborym is leading the pursuit, but thanks to Centerhill, all his spells have been rendered useless and Shana and Wilhelmina come to stop him from advancing. However Sydonay makes his appearance.

All surviving Flame Haze guide the rest to a huge tower constructed by Samuel and Rebecca and Khamshin will kill all those that try to follow. They make the tower seem like a decoy when in actual fact it isn’t and then by gathering people here they can strengthen the tower into an impenetrable fortress.

Elsewhere the fight between Shana and Wilhelmina against Sydonay begins. But as they fight Sydonay senses that Shana and Wilhelmina aren’t fighting like they should.

Samuel’s tower is damaged by artillery fire and crumbles away, but its job is done and Rebecca and Khamshin fall back.

Sydonay’s fight whilst having only just begun, is coming to an end as Centerhill appears.

It seems that the four gods have decided to help their fight against Snake even though their opinion is that what he says to be true that making his new world won’t disturb this world. But they will fight because the new world will still be a part of the ‘greater world’.

Sydonay’s fight goes on and he’s discovered why they’re fighting in such an odd way. He moves and throws his spear in the direction he thinks the Tendou-kyu is. But all he hits is a trap set up by Margery. She seals him but barely lasts a few seconds. It doesn’t matter though as Saare and Chiara arrive on a green moving thing and carries everyone away. Everyone apart from Centerhill who’ll stay behind to stall Sydonay and sacrifice himself.

Samuel lies in his own blood, dying on top of his tower. He bids farewell to Zirnitra and self destructs his tower taking all the surrounding denizens with him.

The Flame Haze’s plan has worked. They basically made it seem like they retreated with the Tendou-kyu but actually dug out a hole and hid underground with Centerhill’s greenery to cover up everything. The tower was connected to an underground passage that lead to Tendou-kyu so they were able to get everyone down here safely whilst Samuel protected the tower and Wilhelmina and Shana pretended Tendou-kyu was hidden nearby elsewhere.

As Shana and the rest travel on that green thing, she’s off to deliver a message to the other 3 gods to say that Centerhill’s become a sacrifice so that the others can move.


Damn so many deaths in one episode. I really liked Samuel even if I still have a problem with that weird scar of his. Was it really necessary for him to die though? Couldn’t he have collapsed his tower thing and taken himself underground with the collapse therefore faking his own death to appear as a sacrifice to let the others escape but surviving? Wouldn’t you rather keep him alive? He’s one of the main commanding generals and is probably one of the most experienced veterans they have. I hardly think anyone else there know anything about warfare apart from Sophie. I can see why Centerhill needed to be a sacrifice as they needed someone strong enough to match Sydonay to be able to hold him off and look as though they escaped. But even still, you’d think someone as powerful as that would be able to hold off Sydonay, beat him and them make his escape. They did make him out to be a powerful warrior so I don’t see how he couldn’t. I mean sure I did say that they also made Sydonay out as this unbeatable monster but to beat him into retreat isn’t impossible.

Overall though I have to say I am impressed with their quick thinking to formulate this strategy of hiding right under the Snake’s nose. I don’t know what they plan to do next, but a sneak attack is quite possible and even with a disadvantage of numbers, a well planned sneak attack can be very effective. But I assume they won’t do anything until they’ve called the reinforcements that are the other 3 gods. With those three and the others attacking the front, the others can attack from the rear with the sneak attack in a powerful pincer movement. That would be a good plan I think. But yeah, we’ll have to see if the other 3 gods take action first and what they can think of. I’m guessing it’ll be a few episodes before anything big happens as the war just finished so they’ll want a few episodes of calm and I want to know who the two new characters are. I don’t remember seeing them before, then again my memory’s poor, but I think they’ll introduce them either way.

So, Margery’s finally back, not the biggest entrance but she did trap Sydonay in a seal, even if it was only a few seconds.

Now that the 4 gods believe what Yuji said is true, I don’t understand why they fight. If Snake can take all the denizens and disappear forever never to bother the humans again and is able to keep the balance of the worlds what is the downside? Sure we’re all part of this one big community of worlds, but is one part screwing itself over really too much for peace of the other two parts? And how do they know the denizen’s will descend into calamity? Is it that difficult to trust in a god like Snake to keep the peace? If Yuji can trust in him why can’t Shana? They must have a better reason for fighting him, this ‘we’re all in this world together’ reason is just crap… Well anyway, I’m not gonna go on about this, all I’ll say is I support Yuji in his ideals, better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all. And even if they descend into calamity I think those years of peace beforehand will be worth it.