Ren vs Aichi finally begins to end this tournament


Ren thinks about the future after his victory and how he’s going to expand his organisation worldwide. As Ren’s powers surround him even Tetsu is feeling uncomfortable.

Ultra-rare can feet Ren’s Psyqualia in their VIP box and Suiko is confident that Aichi will use his Psyqualia. They need it to happen so something they’ve been waiting for can be triggered.

Aichi still rejects Psyqualia and Ren is determined to make him remember what he’s missing.

Their fight finally begins, Aichi stands Wingal Brave as Ren stands Fullbau.

Ren activates his Psyqualia straight away but Aichi stops his own Psyqualia before he could see anything. Ren rides Blaster Javelin and adds Blaster Dark to his hand.

Aichi rides Marron and moves Wingal Brave to rear guard. He uses Gancelot’s skill to add Blaster Blade to hand. He calls Knight of Friendship, Kay and attacks with Marron and Kay. Kay is guarded. 0-1.

Ren rides Blaster Dark, calls Nemain and uses counterblast 1 to discard and draw. He then calls Donnerschlag. Donnerschlag kills Kay and Blaster Dark deals 1 damage. Ren uses his powers to make Aichi feel the physical pain of the attack resulting in his entire body shaking when he picks up his damage check. Nemain deals a second damage to end his turn. 2-1. Ren feels his Psyqualia grow stronger and says that this is the power Aichi rejected.

However Aichi says he didn’t reject Psyqualia, he just doesn’t want to get addicted to its power like Ren is now, so instead he’ll fight with everything he has. Aichi rides blaster blade and uses counterblast 2 to retire Donnerschlag. He then calls Marron and Bedivere. Blaster Blade deals 2 damage with a critical trigger and Bedivere deals 1 damage. Ren draws a heal trigger. 2-3.

Ren says he now understands that it’s him that Aichi’s rejecting, not Psyqualia. He rides Phantom Blaster Dragon and calls Darkside Trumpeter. Phantom Dragon activates counterblast 2, by sacrificing Trumpeter, Nemain and Gururubau it gains 10k power and 1 crit. At the same time Ren feels his powers grow as well.


Let me start by saying I am exhausted. So, if the thoughts seem rushed then it’s cos I’m trying to finish this asap so I can get on with other work and sleep… wonder how I got so busy all of a sudden, guess 6 hours of rehearsals can do this to you…

Anyway, I’ll write done some quick comments then. First thing was how when Ren used his Psyqualia to sorta make Aichi feel the physical pain of his attack, it reminded me of how Marik beat Joey in the semis of battle city in yu gi oh by just destroying him physically. If only Joey pulled through.

Nothing else really of note in this episode, pretty much played out as a standard duel, but we did see a little story development in that something’s supposed to happen if Aichi and Ren were to use Psyqualia together. Although that was a given, they must’ve mentioned it briefly some other time too, I just can’t remember.

Nothing to note this episode, but there is something next episode, I watched the preview and I believe I saw Aichi using Blaster Dark. Which I think means that the card he received from Suiko and the card he’ll use is in the newly released booster pack, and is called Majesty Lord Blaster which requires Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark to be in soul to use its full potential. I wonder if that means his choice was a combination of the two cards, i.e. my unbelievable choice if you remember what I said from episode 58. And it looks like he’s finally using Psyqualia, hopefully the ‘proper’ way, if there is such a way, at least his power aura thing doesn’t glow evilly.

Yeah, that’s about it, duel’s going pretty much as most people predicted more or less, only turning point would be Aichi’s grade 3, which we will wait to see if it is Majesty Lord Blaster.