Key Events:

The Achiga girls visit Tsuruga Academy’s team and meets Kajiki Yumi. She prepares a match for them against Kazekoshi’s best individual player Fukuji Mihoko.

They learn they are allowed to play against people who are only in the individual tournaments. So they practice with a mix of individual players.

Shizuno meets with Kumakura and learns that Akado had refused to go pro.

With that out of the way, the next round begins. Achiga is up against Shindouji, Senriyama and Shiraitodai.

First match is Kuro, Toki, Teru and Kirame


Not much happened, just a lot of training for the big match. I was really hoping to see Teru play this episode, but no matter, I’ll be looking forward to seeing her godly skills next episode. The way they’re talking about her, it sounds like she’s some Mahjong god, so I have high expectations! Better not disappoint!

I’m rather surprised to see Senriyama playing against Achiga again so soon. I’d have thought they’d rotate it so that the same top and second from the previous round don’t face each other in the semis. That would make more competition sense, but at least this time we’ll know about Senriyama so we and the anime can focus more on Shiraitodai.

I hope Kuro learns from everyone who takes advantage of her blatant habit. If she doesn’t, Teru or whoever she’s up against, will see through that and exploit it in an instance.

Hmm I was wondering that if they had an entire episode to stop and relax on practice matches, they could’ve put more matches in. Though seeing a lot of old familiar faces is always fun.

Well, as I thought, the misunderstanding of Harue was sorted out before the match started.  They’ve got enough to worry about in Teru to worry about their coach ditching them.

So yeah, Teru match now, looking for a complete domination.


I’m going to skip the blog for Sankarea episode 9 as it’s a filler. Just some short stories involving Mero and her classmates trying to find zombies. And also a little backstory about Mero and her mother.