Key Events

Third round Team Q4 will face Team S.I.T. Genius.

Given some backstory to Lee about him considering his teammates are enemies, people who he must overtake, especially Chris because he’s the heir of some big family.

Kamui wins his match with a stand trigger but Misaki loses hers due to a critical trigger.

Takuto calls out to Chris and Aichi and takes them to Cray with his Psyqualia. He shows them an image of victory for Chris and disappears telling them to win the tournament if they want to find out more.

When they return back to normal, Chris’ Psyqualia awakens and he says he will defeat Aichi with this power.

Key Cards used:

Great Nature Grade 2: Explosion Scientist, Bunta


  • [Counter Blast (1)] When called or ridden with a Great Nature vanguard you can pay the cost, if you do place the top card of your deck into your Damage Zone then at the end phase return one card in your damage zone to the deck and shuffle.


Well firstly, I decided to do my first combined anime blog because the episodes have been rather lacking in everything. And there wasn’t enough to comment on in episode 9 as it was half a duel. Episode 10 finishes 2 duels and has an interesting development which gives me enough to comment on.

So the first thing I’ll quickly talk about is Explosion Scientist, Bunta. I quite like the card, it’s only got 8k power, but the ability easily makes up for it. Obviously a good use for the ability is to get enough damage for Limit Break, if you have 2 damage you can get 2 out and use Limit Break very early on in the game. And good thing is you can just return the cards you used for counterblast. Of course you can also send back other cards to deck that you want back in your deck like triggers, it’s an amazing recycling card. I’d probably have 4 if I was using Great Nature, without much knowledge of the other cards that is. But hey, still a great card nonetheless.

I don’t like how they keep making Misaki lose against the better teams. Sure Kamui’s improved his deck with new cards but come on, she’s the smart one of the group, she shouldn’t be losing like this. In a commercial way I can see this working as she loses a lot now and then during the next pack release they’ll reinforce Oracles and be able to sell more of those cards as they’ll have Misaki win on the anime. Like what they’re doing with Kamui, he’s winning a lot more by using new cards released in the latest pack, e.g. Azure Dragon. So, I suppose there isn’t anything to be done.

I also don’t like how it’s only 1 match to decide who wins and loses in such a luck orientated game. As I’ve said before, or I think I’ve said, I like a luck orientated card game. But that means they should at least make it best 2 out of 3 to stop things like Kamui winning and Misaki losing because of a trigger. However, I do understand that would take a long time, so I suppose it isn’t viable to do it in an anime at this early stage, a final best two out of 3 would be good for tension though.

We got another typical ‘I’m the heir to a big family, therefore I must succeed’ character in Lee. They always do this sorta thing in these kinds of animes. I’ve heard it many times, oddly enough the only ones I can remember are Beyblade examples at the moment, like Julian Konzern and Garland Siebald.

Looks like Psyqualia’s back, so soon too. By the looks of things, Takuto is the person who gifts this ability to people. I’m pretty sure Chris didn’t have it when he started or he would’ve been flaunting it. So, it’s logical to assume that Takuto gifted it to him. I don’t see Aichi losing this now, he’s beaten Psyqualia before, and Ren was more accustomed to it. But, the main thing I’m interested in is how this comes into the storyline. Last season it was because they wanted the 2 Psyqualia users to decide who leads the armies of Cray. What is it this time? Is Great Nature going to compete for leadership as Chris as Psyqualia now? I think it’s likely that this is Takuto testing Aichi, see if he’s able to use Gold Paladins well. But either way, I’m glad they’re finally moving on the story. Kai and Ren will hopefully make their appearance soon. This is probably the start of something interesting.