Key Events

Heroine wants to meet Ikki to ask a few questions as she recognizes the girls who cut her hair are in his fan club, but Toma takes it the wrong way.

Heroine falls asleep at Toma’s and constantly sleeps every day until she learns from Orion, who reappears, that Toma’s been spiking her drinks. Toma lets his guard down and the heroine makes an escape, she also finds that her broken phone isn’t broken and there’s a string of disturbing texts. But then shin makes a visit and heroine has to stop her escape plans for now. However she discovers that they’re not actually dating. Toma then tells her that all those attacks may have been all his fault to corner her.

She falls asleep again somehow and then wakes up in a cage in Toma’s room. This way, he can ‘protect’ her.

Later he tells her that it’s because she feels attraction towards Ikki that his fans are bullying her. Something comes up at university at night and Toma leaves.

Trying to figure things out the heroine remembers her dairy, it must have all the answers. So taking this chance as Toma’s out, she sneaks out and rushes back home.


This episode got a bit creepy, and not in the good scary creepy, but in the disturbing what the hell’s going on creepy. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

This episode raised many more questions about this world. It seems Toma isn’t her boyfriend but a selfish twisted disturbing person who wants to keep her for himself. I’m rather surprised he hasn’t done anything to her after he’s drugged her. Maybe his intentions are indeed pure, but still disturbingly dangerous. He could easily step over the line, then again he already has bringing out that cage… Which raised more questions for me, like how does she go to the toilet? Then again, I don’t think I want to know the answer to that. However it could be as easy as opening the door going to the toilet and then coming back into the cage seeing as she escaped that cage without much effort. Can’t really want to protect her that much then if it’s so easy to get in and out of the cage, if that’s the case I wonder why she hasn’t made an attempt to escape earlier when Toma’s asleep. It’s like she doesn’t mind being a prisoner. Oh and another thing, it’s the middle of the night, why would a university professor contact you? Or is that the culture in Japan? It was hard enough to get my lecturers to respond to me during the day… Too much frustration from late lecturer replies… oh well, didn’t bother me too much, luckily I didn’t need to contact my lecturer that much.

And my warning of not asking Toma straight out if they are dating has come back. That question made Toma suspect something was wrong and he used it to his advantage by giving a favorable answer to trap her and to gain trust.

This is a dangerous world, she needs to run into the road and get hit or something soon, assuming that’s the way to jump through worlds… But before that, I do want to find out what’s happening in this world. Seems like a huge mix and match of bizarre things. Firstly I want to find out who her boyfriend in this world is if there is one, if not, how come? Seeing as she’s had one in all the worlds so far apart from the very first one. And also her story so far she seems like she’s been backed into a corner by everything going on around that I’m surprised she hasn’t tried something drastic or run away with this many people after her life. That dairy will hopefully answer some questions and I’m hoping that she doesn’t world jump without telling us everything about this world first as, again, I’m rather interested so don’t ruin my interest, again.