Tale 6

Key Events:

Jun helps out Saitou’s group of amateur actors at their rehearsal with odd bits here and there.

He receives another box through the mail for doll making.

He heads to work and Shinku and Suigintou still can’t stop their bickering but after a water fight in the bathroom they let their clothes dry and finally have a chat. Shinku proposes to work together against their common enemy, Kirakisho but Suigintou gives a mixed answer.

At Jun’s work place, he’s getting lectured by his manager about how judgmental Jun is. Feeling down, Jun returns home and asks Shinku if there’s anything he can do even though the younger Jun hasn’t said anything. Unfortunately there’s nothing, however the younger Jun contacts him shortly afterwards and tells him to make his own doll, his own Rozen Maiden. This will change the world as he’ll create a new world that branches off from the current one.

Younger Jun says that he should be okay now that Shinku was made and so he was the one who sent the extra magazines as a thank you to help current Jun make a new Doll.


More is revealed from that book and with the latest bit it definitely seems like that story is hiding something. It mentions a matryoshka a Russian nested doll and this particular one is 7 dolls, all fitting inside one another. It also mentions something about giving a wish. Perhaps that wish can save everyone? Also, one thing I was wondering was that it said 1 doll 1 wish, does that mean 7 wishes? Or the seven dolls come together for one wish? Which may explain the gaining of the Rosa Mystica from all seven dolls and their subsequent wish to be Alice. Or is it actually a wish for the doll owner of the winner? Raised many questions, but I believe one thing’s certain, that book’s gonna be important or should mean something because if it wasn’t then I don’t think they’d use this much effort for it. Unless it’s for fun, or to create mystery where there isn’t any…

I may have said this before, but I’ll say it again anyway, I think the animation’s made a vast improvement. So much so that I can’t get enough of that cute doll fighting. And the best part is that it’s not with magic which just adds to their lovability. Wet dolls are hilarious too, I actually rewatched that scene just because it was so cute. Like childish bickering…

Also, I was just reminded of how Megu matches Suigintou so perfectly. A young sickly insane girl, perfect match apart from the sickly part. And keeping on the topic of Suigintou I think she’s finally opening up. Perhaps it’s because of Kirakisho, after all an enemy of an enemy is a friend, or maybe she was changed by Megu somehow. But of course Shinku and Suigintou can’t stop their fighting friend or foe. However I think they’ll work well together, as long as their squabbling doesn’t interrupt them during important moments.

I have to say something about that guy at Jun’s work place. I always thought that the guy’s a prick and it seems I was right. However he does have a point, can’t fault him there, he said some harsh truths, but someone’s gotta say them and it’s better if it’s the prick so we still dislike him and he helped out, sorta. Perhaps it’ll wake Jun up a bit so he’ll ‘get out there’ more. At least he’s trying with this new group of amateur theatre people.

On the topic of the theatre people, I’m sure you all noticed it, but was that Kirakisho we saw? Has she already made her move? Or I’m being too suspicious, and it’s just a normal doll prop for a normal theatrical play… still seems a tad suspicious though don’t you think?

The most interesting part of this episode has to be Jun making his own doll. Which makes me think they might do some sort of time paradox thing in which Jun is actually Rozen. Now that’d be an interesting plot twist. Or perhaps he’s related to Rozen, that would be just as good, even more interesting as they’d have to explain the relationship which is always interesting if done right. With all the fated interaction and involvement in the Alice Game I don’t believe it’s impossible for the story to turn into that direction.