Spinning Time


Itona plans the class’s next assassination, he creates a small remote control tank that he plans to use to snipe Koro’s heart which he knows is behind the tie that Koro wears.

Unfortunately the boys decide that the weapon would be better suited to slightly more immoral means and whilst on that mission the tank meets its untimely end at the hands of a weasel.

The rest of the episode focuses on people’s names where they decide it’s a great idea to have code names for everyone. So everyone writes down suggestions and Koro bans real names for the rest of the day. As the day goes on, it appears that Itona is settling into the class just fine.

Elsewhere in the school, Asano is still very much committed to beating his father.


Looks like I needn’t have worried about Itona becoming more a background character with him being, quite literally, the centre of attention for the first half of the episode. The entire episode pretty much focused on getting Itona settled in with the rest of the class and showing that even without his tentacles he can still be a key member of the team. even if the end goal deviated just slightly to what it was originally…

As someone who was worried about Itona from last episode it was nice to see him working together with the class towards a common goal. An enemy of my enemy is a friend after all, but it feels much more than that here and Itona can relate to the others, especially Terasaka’s group. Also, it’s quite clear he’s gotten used to losing his powers and will rely more on his brainpower rather than raw tentacle strength to win his fights next time. A huge development for him and although a bit quick, it’s still very welcome.

The episode also settles itself back into what the anime is comfortable with in a very jokey and fun atmosphere. They mixed in slight seriousness in the plan, as in it was a serious plan originally, but the overall turned into a laugh and I felt it worked out quite well because of that.

The nickname part of the episode wasn’t as funny or as well planned, partially because giving everyone funny nicknames that we all know about was the key element of the plot, so there was nothing more that you can work off from that. But I felt very related to it remembering back to my school days when everyone would get a nickname, some hilarious, some practical and others ludicrous. Even now at work I still have an annoying nickname tied to me but I’ve gotten over it and actually it’s not so bad. Even still, not a name I’m fond off, though it’s all for a more friendly atmosphere in a working environment.

I had hoped that it would reach a new plot this episode, but it would appear that I must wait one more episode with the ‘trailer’, you could say, of what is to come at the end of the episode. I’m unsure what it’s about, apart from the obvious class A and E rivalry, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

Also, seeing as the episode made it a small point, I’ll also make it a small point, the one about Koro’s heart. They say it’s a weak point, but from what I know of normal human biology, the heart would be more a death point surely. Are they saying that this tentacle monster actually has a core? It seemed like such an important part, this should be crucial information for the snipers of the class. But for some reason I doubt it’ll be a one shot kill like a normal heart.