Think Outside the Box Time


As the battle between Karma and Gakushu rage onto the final question, Karma manages to pick up all twenty marks, whilst Gakushu only manage seventeen.

The results are in and with Terasaka, the worst in the class, ranking 46th in the school, it means everyone else has made it to the top 50. Karma makes it to the top beating Gakushu by three marks, the difference that came down to the final maths question.

Class A apologise to Gakuho and agree that this method can’t beat class E. Gakuho lashes out at Gakushu in anger but Gakushu laughs it off.

Gakuho isn’t satisfied and prepares to demolish the class E building. He’s prepared a new building with surveillance and anti escape systems akin to that of a prison to continue down the path of his own philosophy. He also hands Koro his dismissal papers as he is unnecessary in his plans.

He plays a game with Koro to keep his job and secure the premises. Grenades with handles are trapped in between a book of exam questions so that if you open the book on that page the handle is released and the grenade detonates. There are four anti Koro grenades and one real grenade. Koro must flip open the book on that page, solve the problem and close the book so the handle doesn’t release four times. If Koro manages, Gakuho will take the 5th one and risk killing himself.

Koro flusters during the first question and the grenade takes out several chunks of him.


Pretty sure this happened the last time they did exams and got back results, that half the episode would be dedicated to the either exams or getting results without much development in anything apart from telling everyone they did well. Though, it was interesting to see the different approaches the two top students took to reach their answer, with the violent approach being a little slower than the understanding approach.

As I thought last episode, Karma won, okay half thought. But it’s not just him all of class E won. So hard that Gakuho has no choice but to demolish their building and shove everyone to something that sounds like a concentration camp to alleviate his obvious anger at having his philosophy destroyed right before his eyes.

And yes, Gakuho lost, I repeated that on purpose because someone doesn’t seem to understand what it means to lose. Gakuho seriously doesn’t know when he’s beaten, his methods don’t work and he’s the best witness. How stubborn do you have to be to keep believing in something even you’ve seen fail repeatedly? Not even the top class in his school believes in him and his system and that’s his son talking.

When the students studying in a school that your educational philosophy is built on is telling you that they don’t believe it works, backed with solid evidence, witnessed firsthand by you, you should realise something’s wrong.

I dunno, the whole I’m just gonna destroy you and pretend you never existed to oppose me, method of handling his loss makes him feel like a child having a tantrum. It’s too linear, for a villain of his calibre you’d expect something a little more thoughtful and creative. Perhaps that’s all he is, I feel like we don’t know enough about him to judge otherwise, I guess I only  thought he was calculated because he’s voiced by the same voice actor as Aizen. And he has shown signs of knowing how to play his cards. Either way, point is, this attempt to kill Koro seems childish and unbecoming of someone who I thought should’ve been an evil genius.

Overall I wasn’t that thrilled with this episode, I’m actually more interested in whether this series is two cours or one so I then need to decide to blog one or two anime next season. I believe it’s two cours mainly because we haven’t seen the big assassination attempt near the end of the term. Though I’m unsure, I’ll find out now and hope that they’ll be something more interesting next episode.