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This song is probably not as well-known as the first opening theme for the anime, which was also my favourite as well, but still a great song. I wanted a bit of a pickup song as I’ve had a really terrible day, ironic that I went with Shigatsu, but I did remember that the second OP had a really upbeat melody so I decided to listen to this again. Then I nearly ended up ‘cutting onions’, if you know what I mean, but strangely it did make me feel better so who knew. Here is Nanairo Symphony by coalamode.

I was feeling a little melancholic recently and decided to find some tragic anime openings to listen to, y’know the whole ‘sing a sad song just to turn it around’ situation. So obviously Shigatsu would pop up during this tragic anime OP run down and this was the last song as actually it picked me back up and cleared my head a little. I suppose as much as it was a tragic situation, the outcome was more inspirational than anything else, and remembering back to that made me feel better. I won’t delve into my personal life too much here, but it’s all fine and if you have any worries, I hope this song will help too, here is Hikaru Nara by Goose House.


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