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Feels like it’s been a while since I blogged a song of the same season, think the last one may have been Mahoutsukai. So here is probably my favourite theme of this season, until another one grows enough on me for a SOTW. This particular song also came to my attention because I was listening to a lot of GARNiDELiA as evidenced by my last SOTW, so I thought I will continue that ‘theme’, if you will. You might’ve guessed what it is by now, here is Error by GARNiDELiA.


As Raven is very busy working, I’ve taken up the liberty to do two weeks in a row and cover for him so he’s only a few days late rather than over a week.

Lately I’ve finally had a tiny bit of free time so I’ve been looking back at some old anime that I’ve missed for whatever reason but want to have a look now. Like Shirobako which I marathon’d over Christmas, another one I remember is Shangri-la which was about 8 years ago when I was 16, and back then anything political in anime didn’t interest me in the slightest.

However I’d say growing up has changed me, so once I get a holiday I feel I might marathon this too. But what actually drew me to it was the OP. I’d say I’m a fan of May’n so I’ll do her some justice and look to bring some of her songs to my SOTWs. To start, here is Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare by May’n.

I couldn’t find a full song on youtube so here’s the opening cut version, but I have included below a link to the full PV on another website.


Me? So late on an SOTW? Did something go wrong? Yes indeed it did. I was meant to return home last Sunday morning, unfortunately I only just arrived back earlier today. Long story short, I fell ill from a chest infection and had a high fever for three straight days before it started getting better. As much as I hate giving myself excuses, this one’s at least a reasonable one.

Either way, I had an SOTW in mind before I was ill, when I was enjoying my holiday at Karaoke, because that’s the place to be when you’re in any eastern-asian country. I’ve actually mentioned this before all the way back in SOTW 4, when I blogged Summer Song by Yui, that this is one of the few Japanese songs I’ve memorised and so can sing at Karaoke even with being unable to read the Japanese lyrics. So I think it’s a great song to bring to my SOTW list. Here’s a fairly old song, the fifth, I believe, OP of BLEACH, Rolling Star by Yui.

With the new season already underway my season preview blog is a couple of days away. It’s written, i just need to get some pictures and finalise what I want to blog, but I’m pretty sure on the new two anime I’m looking at. Either way, Working season 3 is starting and because of that I’m yet again reminded of Working OPs. And since without realising I already blogged the first OP just 4 weeks ago, I’m going to do the second season’s OP, Coolish Walk, less catchy as the first in my opinion but still memorable and fun. Here is Coolish Walk by Kana Asumi, Eri Kitamura and Saki Fujita.

Since I’m not able to do my usual music blogs due to work and the endless string of exams, of which I’m sitting one next week, I’ve decided to have my SOTW as a song from this season. I’ve had to limit my anime ‘intake’ down. Unfortunate but it just means I only watch what I really enjoy rather than sitting through what I like a little or think is alright. However I haven’t slacked off on the music scene and have listened to the majority of the OPs & EDs this season. To prove that point my SOTW is the OP of an anime that I don’t know anything about, but the song was great so here it is. Kakumei Dualism by Nana Mizuki X T.M.Revolution, OP for Valvrave the Liberator Second Season. Since this is sorta a substitute for a normal music blog I’ve included lyrics below too.

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