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Well, there’ve been a lot of good themes released recently. So much so that I’m kind of spoiled for a SOTW this week. Black Clover’s new OP or ED? Both are good. But VRAINS also got a new OP and ED for the new season, and its new ED is the song that’s been stuck in my head for a good 2 or 3 weeks now, so that’ll be the one getting the SOTW treatment.

I really like this theme actually. The guitar line is cool, the bassline (this matters, as I’m mainly a bassist) is also great, and the lyrics have a nice rhythm and melody to them. Might be the best VRAINS theme so far? It’s definitely the best VRAINS ED theme so far, at least.

And here it is:


Ending Edit:


So back to blogging the animes!
If you have been reading my site, I have blogged the entire first series of Highschool Of The Dead, quite a good horror, zombie-apocalypse anime.

This anime is brand new, it may be Yaoi – which is boy-love orientated, but I have nothing against that and with it aside, it looks like a decent watch.
Just a quick glimpse of what it is – it is set in a post apocalyptic future after World War 3, were street fighting has become the rage. We follow lead character – Akira who was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. He is then told he will be given his freedom if he hunts down ll Rey, the strongest guy in Toshima (a city ruled by a crime syndicate), he accepts.

So now you know the basic story, let’s get straight to the first episode.

I quite liked the opening scene, basically saying the streets of what was Japan are now stained red with blood. It is no longer recognisable as a place people used to inhabit – this is the hell it has come to now.
And wow at the opening sequence. Showing us a few of the characters to come, with some damn good music! If this anime carries on with the heavy stuff, I’m going to quite like this. Read the rest of this entry »


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