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I won’t bore you with too much of the details, but I recently started watching a singing competition and one of the contestants sang their own version of this song. Brought back a little nostalgia for me so I thought this would make a good SOTW. Plus it was one of my favourites back in the shippuden days, or even in the whole Naturo days.

I am sad to say I never actually watched Naruto to the end, though I did read it to the end but I found the final arc a little too convoluted. Perhaps it was because I never had time to properly read through everything. In any case, I stuck with it until it ended but I am not and won’t be watching Boruto, though I did see that really amazing fight with Naruto and Sasuke working together. I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about.

Anyways, I’ve digressed too much, here is Blue Bird by Ikimono-Gakari.

Alright, so because I’m restricted for time again, this is going to be another nostalgic Naruto ED theme. Seriously, so many digital radio channels play Naruto music. It’s like people really love Naruto or something…

Anywho, I always liked this ED. The song is great, which helps, but I always loved the completed-as-you-watch style of the animation, which also includes a rare sight of Tenten in a non-background capacity in an OP/ED theme, which was great.


Ending Edit:


So, I’ve been pushed for time this week (no surprise), and this week’s SOTW is literally just the most memorable song I’ve listened to on the new digital radio app I recently downloaded.

I loved this song when I was a fresh-faced anime lover, watching Naruto for the first time. It’s such a nice song, and now it’s here as SOTW.


Ending Edit:


This week, I’ve decided to blog one of my favourite songs of all time as SOTW.

Not only is it one of my favourite songs, but it’s by one of my favourite bands, from one of my favourite series (before the giant block of filler hit us in our collective faces), during probably its best arc.

I’ve always loved this arc of Naruto, and the opening theme for this part is one of the main reasons. There’s also the Sound Five (who are genuinely some of my favourite characters, in the original series at least) and the badass fights that relatively minor characters (at the time) like Chouji and Kiba have.

Anyway, here’s the second version of the OP animation, as I prefer this version, having Kimimaro and the Sand Siblings in it.


Opening Version 2 Edit:


My exams are over yet again, and this time pass or fail, I won’t be taking anymore exams until next June. So no more revision until then, which means I’ll go back to normal blogging by spring season and as planned I will blog the new Digimon when it’s released later this month.

I’ve sorta followed on from last week’s SOTW and went to search for another song that I’m surprised I haven’t yet gave a mention to. This particular song’s band has appeared twice before in the SOTW list, but both times it was from Raven, so I may perhaps be beating him to the punch, so to speak, by bringing you a very renowned song, the 4th Naturo opening, Go by Flow, before him.


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